BMX | Natalya Diehm 2013 Edit

Elizabeth Drew August 2, 2013 No Comments

Check out 15 year old Natalya Diehm’s latest BMX edit

Screen shot 2013 08 02 at 17.24.15 BMX | Natalya Diehm 2013 EditStraight out of Australia, 15 year old Natalya Diehm is looking seriously impressive on her BMX.  If you haven’t checked out Natalya’s skills yet, just give this recent edit a watch. We are pretty stoked on it to tell you the truth!

Watch Natalya Diehm 2013 Edit

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 BMX | Natalya Diehm 2013 Edit

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 BMX | Natalya Diehm 2013 Edit

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